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Trojan Barbie.Published by Samuel French.
Also in Theatre Forum, #35, June 2009 .

Out of Time and Place, a 2 volume anthology of plays from the Women’s Project Playwrights Lab, co-edited with Alexis Clements.

All Souls’ Day
Published in The Australian Reader.

Home to Roost: An impossible play cannibalized by events
Published in hotreview.org

On Dah Teatar in Belgrade, 2001 (published in
RealTime): The Theater of War, The Murder of Bridges

Surface Tension in New York Theatre
On Mac Wellman’s Catscradle and the Axis production of Sarah Kane’s Crave (also published in RealTime).

forced entertainment: radical theatre of failure
2007 review of 2 Forced Entertainment shows, Quizoola! and The World in Pictures.

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