Show opening at Warwick

6 Mar

Trojan Barbie had a great opening night on Friday at Playbox. And we sold out of the Samuel French edition of the play in 10 minutes! The promenade staging really works well for this play–great choice Stewart! It was interesting to see what the pressure of an audience swirling around and through did to the world of the play. In a way, it made more sense of the collage, collision structure of the world—it felt like being in a camp where events piled on top of one another, and the audience having to move to see the next events felt very organic—that their energy was a part of what was going on. Playbox have some beautiful photos— I’ll post them when/ if I can get copies.

And I was so proud of the young performers! Everyone did so well—and with the energy of a really engaged audience, I could feel the performers putting together the pieces of meaning much more powerfully — Cassandra realizing certain lines were funny after the audience laughed, for example. Audience very engaged, everyone wanting to stay around afterwards…. a good sign. I feel so proud of everyone’s work, and the leap of vision that Playbox took to tackle this play, which is huge, and formally challenging, and about tough subjects. In some ways, theatre with young people, theatre at universities, and festivals are the places where you can do huge works these days—or in self-driven ensembles— as cast size and risk-taking shrink ever downwards in the regional houses.

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