Trojan Barbie in Warwick

26 Feb

Very jetlagged on arriving in a rainy Warwick, UK– welcomed by Stewart and Mary, directors of the theatre, and got to see the lovely Dream Factory and the theatre where very soon, the seats will be gone and the space will be transformed into a raw, muddy holding pen for women at war! The young performers in Trojan Barbie are blogging about their rehearsal process, and you can read their responses to hurtling into a fictional war-zone here:

Everyone is very curious to see how this works–the staging idea is bold– a containment center with “promenade” audience, walking through the destroyed world of Troy along with the performers. There are hundreds if not thousands of broken dolls littering the space too. There’s something in this design concept that channels Anselm Kiefer for me–his huge, bleak installations that return again and again to Troy, filtered through the catastrophe of WW2. I remember seeing the huge rebar “wave” he created in MassMOCA and feeling I was in a landscape I knew intimately–the landscape of aftermath.

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