7 Feb

All things Irish… I recently discovered (via my Aunt) that my great-grandmother Bessie Hallinan was a bounty migrant from Clare in Ireland to Australia and married a bigamist Norwegian sea-captain! I’ve been digging into my Irish roots because I have a new play with an Irish character that’s being read at the Irish Rep in New York this month.

So, if you happen to be in New York, please come to the reading of my newest play, CAN’T COMPLAIN, at the Irish Rep. Friday, February 18th, 3 p.m. The full Irish Rep reading details are here:

It’s a funny play about sad things, with a ripping role for an older actress, a midnight visit by the Devil, and a ghost story at the center. Here’s the synopsis:

In Can’t Complain, Rita hates being confined in a hospital, where her daughter Maureen has placed her for assessment after a small stroke. She plots her escape with the help of her elderly Irish room-mate Iris, her granddaughter Jansis, and her cat’s new best friend, the Devil. Rita battles her present situation–until a riotous party night with Iris and the Devil collapses her escape plan and brings her face to face with the remains of her past.

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