Hello, neglected blog

6 Feb

Gods, I haven’t done this in so long.  Five months!!! Well.. It’s been busy. Getting ready for rehearsals at ART for Trojan Barbie and also adjusting to my new home in an Amtrak carriage, somewhere between work (Cambridge, MA) home (Providence, RI) and New York City.  (I wonder why things keep disappearing from the fridge and then remember, oh, it’s the OTHER fridge.)

It’s been a lot of travel, though.  To London for an E3 visa and theatre schmoozing, to North Carolina for a workshop on Trojan Barbie with the fabulous Joseph Megel and UNC Process Series, to NY for a hotINK reading and now again for a reading of Pussy Boy with Rattlestick.

Train reading for this week: Mac Wellman’s new anthology, The Difficulty of Crossing a Field.  Time in Mac-land always sharpens and estranges the sound and sights of everyday life, and throws into cruel relief the routine pomposities that pad our speech and actions.  I can’t live there, but I like to visit.

OK blog, I hope you forgive me for ignoring you now.  It’s not you, it’s me–I’m a techno-moron and don’t know how to make you look pretty like Sheila’s blog or stunningly showcase my productions like Gisela’s.  Also… I do struggle with tone in this space that doesn’t feel so much public as… well…un-private but intimate.  What’s that exactly? (the windows of Dutch houses come to mind: no curtains, everyone lives their home lives in full view of the street but no-one rudely gawks inside).


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