Clubbed Thumb anthology

24 Aug

I finally got round to reading some of the plays inside “Funny, Strange, Provocative“– an anthology of plays produced by Clubbed Thumb. I was entranced by The Typographer’s Dream (Adam Bock) and Crumble (Lay Me Down, Justin Timberlake) (Sheila Callaghan). I’ll write more about this soon but the plays I’ve read in this anthology are by contemporary US playwrights–I mean really contemporary, not almost or recently dead– and share an economy of form and boldness of scope, as well as a humor based in the sad, lovely, strange, quixotic quality of actual life. In Sheila’s play, an apartment schemes to get itself cared for; in Adam’s, parallel lives touch through a meditation on various forms of record: mapping, type-setting, transcription.


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