Perishable’s Women’s Playwriting Competition

25 Mar

I want to recommend Perishable Theatre’s International Women’s Playwriting festival, here in Providence, RI. Well worth applying! Deadline May 15. My friend and colleague Mireille Juchau once sent a play from Australia and it won and she came over for the Festival… and many other fabulous writers have had work produced in this festival, including Alice Tuan, Trista Baldwin, Jenifer Haley, Molly Rice, Bridget Carpenter and many others. I know I talk about Perishable a lot, but I have had great experiences there– Perishable premiered my crazy play WEIGHTLESS last October to excellent reviews and houses; and twice they’ve produced my shorter plays as part of—yes, the Women’s Playwriting Festival. It’s a great way to see work on its feet in front of an audience—and dear playwrights, it’s not a staged reading. It’s a real, if bare-bones, production.

Mark Twain once said something to the effect that a man who picks up a cat by the tail learns something he can learn no other way; and I think the same is true for playwrights of production. So, fabulous women writers… dust off those plays (or even better, write a new one) and send ’em in!


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