From theatrenotes in Australia

12 Mar

I just read this on Alison Croggon’s blog (Melbourne theatre critic & poet).  It resonates strongly with me—her articulation of being affected in a visceral way by theatre first; and figuring out the hows and whys later.  I know that feeling of breathing in a room with other people where breath is the held thread between performance and audience, and questions of how and why a piece “works” come after the physical sensation of connection, involvment, disturbance. . .

Long ago in the when of my other life in Sydney I saw a beautiful piece, Andree Greenwell’s musical adaptation of Mary Fallon’s work (Laquiem) where spoken text and sung was mingled.  Clare Grant (whose whisky and gravel voice I love) read some of the text and listening, I had a strong feeling of a space opening inside my own body, a large echoic space that the words/ sound were simultaneously creating and inhabiting.  This feeling—the opening of a space larger than the space it fits inside of, the body it co-expresses—is what I live for in the theatre, yet it’s ineffable and can’t be predicted.


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