The mirror-ball

25 Jul

It’s often struck me, as an Australian in the U.S., how often the political discourse in this country seems to take place as if from INSIDE a mirror ball–but everyone inside imagines the mirrors are windows. So, it’s always about “we” and “us”—us always meaning US(A). The “we” who should get out of Iraq always therefore sets up “them” as the incomprehensible rest-of-the-world as in “why do THEY hate us?” Very strange, for a nation of mostly immigrants who–as in my own country–have trouble coming to terms with the fact that the New World was already very old before it was invaded.

This mirror-ball life seems inventively to combine Gothic fantasy (the “bad guys” who might attack us according to the “color/fear index” as visual artist Holly Laws brilliantly puts it) with an utter failure to direct this imagination towards simple empathy or walking in another’s shoes.

Anyway— here is a wonderful and savage story from The Onion that captures exactly this mirror-ball irreality.


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