Trojan Barbie

8 Jul

A friend of mine says “The best things happen at the worst time”. There’s something in that, I think. I defend my dissertation on July 19 (Art, War and Objects) and I just found out recently that my play Trojan Barbie won this year’s Jane Chambers playwriting award. So I’ll be getting on a plane to New Orleans right after the defense to go collect my prize!!! I hope I’m not expected to say anything intelligent. I can barely remember where my car keys are right now. I lost them the other day while I was actually holding them.

My plan for August is to sleep.

And then some time after that I might actually write about theatre on this blog again. Meanwhile, check out Rebecca Novick’s new website. Rebecca directed my play Slow Falling Bird for Crowded Fire and did a stellar job. (She’s the founding artistic director of that company and has recently left to pursue a freelance career.) There are some gorgeous photos of the production on her website. She’s also championed new plays and writers for over ten years, and has produced world premieres of Dominic Orlando, Liz Duffy Adams, Erik Ehn and Sheila Callaghan among others.


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