10 Jan

After many hours on the plane reading Tim Etchells’ book, Certain Fragments, on his company, Forced Entertainment, where he waxes about lists, & amp; I’m thinking… listing is also what drunks do, what ships do. They are little weaving dances of careful inclusion and exclusion. There’s been a debate for a while on NoPassport, the pan-american theatre artists coalition I’m on (virtually) about lists. NoPassport lists towards Latinidad. But its a volatile, careful, passionate and grandly wobbly listing. We have been debating the virtues and exclusions of lists. Caridad Svich describes them as “a snapshot of a moment in time”…. I typo’d “a snapshop” and that seemed right somehow.

Anyway, I look up and that weird Trivia/ General Knowledge quiz they put on the retractable airplane videos before landing is on (or rather in the hiatus between the movie and descent). I catch the following entry:

What lasts longer, a full-term pregnancy or a Major League baseball season?

It’s completely a moment out of Quizoola

Titles (apropros of nothing):
In the Hiatus Between The Movie and Descent
The Scrapbook of Infernal Childhood.

The man in the seat across the isle from me is reading Borges Book of Imaginary Beings.


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